Pricing and rental rates

Aircraft (Per "Hobbs" hour with fuel)

Cessna 152_________________________$105

Cherokee 140 _____________________$120

Piper Warrior ______________________$125

Cessna 172_________________________$139

Piper Arrow ________________________$150

Cessna 182_________________________$159

Cherokee Six (300Hp) _____________$175

Twin Comanche____________________$225

Instructor Pricing (per "clock" hour)

Private Pilot training ______________$45

Instrument training________________$50


High performance & Complex ____$50

Multi Engine _______________________$55


      • We will provide instruction in client's own aircraft for an additional $10 per hour above the standard rates for CFI/CFII/MEI.
      • In the event of a sudden fuel price increase we reserve the right to add a proportional fuel surcharge to our rates
      • Time building hours for Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) requirements are priced with block rate discounts, also offered with crew resource management training.
      • Off-site fuel purchases are reimbursed at home station Self-serve fuel rates with a valid receipt.